Top 5 Important Factors to be Paid Attention in Seniors Health

Top 5 Important Factors to be Paid Attention in Seniors Health

 Everyone is aware of the older age precarious health so why not get 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans at .  However, hanging onto old habits has become an inclination, knowing it is unhealthy and more risky. Though, the fact is that our health is not completely in our hands, yet the disease likelihood may be reduced to a great extent and this may be done by paying attention to senior’s health factors:


The best ways of physical activity is to reduce diseases risk such as diabetes, heart disease, and a few cancers.  Involving in physical activity works as mood booster and it drives depression away.  Seniors slow down with age and some become inactive totally.  A simple daily walk around the block does not take much time. It is easy; if possible walk with some old friend, caregiver or family member to be a part of the daily routine of seniors.


Seniors good pattern also has a great impact on the overall health. There may be some seniors with no interest in food owing to lack of interest or dull taste buds. They may forget eating foods that are nutrients rich and instead rely on candy and desserts for empty calories. Thus, the obesity increases the slew of diseases. There is a need for well-balanced meals and to munch on healthier snacks. It is crucial to follow dietary instructions and family meals tempt even reluctant eaters to go for nutritious food choices.

Substance and Smoking Abuse

The ingesting of tobacco and its consequences or drugs is not given much thought at younger age. But, it is sure to affect health in lifelong addictions. Some seniors develop abuse problems in later part of years. They mix medication to alcohol and if they are associated with substance abuse or must quit smoking, there is a need for professional help, as pulling them out from this circle is not easy.


Senior citizens are not associated with HIV, but AIDS cases in adults more than 50 are around 15%. There are seniors who are sexually active and do not use condoms or have weak immune systems making them prone to HIV.  These diseases symptoms slow down with age, so in early stages it is left undiagnosed. The seniors issue is left unrecognized and thus the older populations are given no serious prevention and treatment.

Mental Health

Dementia and depression common diseases affecting senior’s mental health. This affects physical health and contributes to quick deterioration. Support from family, community, and friends are some of the social activities that help in staving off depression.