Medicare Advantage Plans Vs. Medicare supplement Plans- which one should you opt for?

If you have to get adequate medical care within your budget, it is important that you select the right coverage plan. If you have original subscribed for the Medicare plans, you come across alternatives like the Medcare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans, each coming with its specific sets of purposes, benefits, coverage as well as the cost.  Which plan is going to be the most suitable one in your case? Hence, it is important to gather knowledge on the key points of differences between these schemes.


An excerpt of the Medicare Advantage Scheme


Alternatively known as the Medicare part C, the 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans extend coverage through the private insurers, having the approval of Medicare. These insurers extend the entire scopes of  benefits, as specified in the Part A and B, the exception being the Hospital Care that stays covered by the Part A of the original Medicare plan.


In addition to the basic coverages, these plans, in some instances, extend additional coverages like dental, vision as well as the coverage for prescription drugs. However, individuals in the end stages of the Renal Ailments will not qualify to get the coverage under the Medicare Advantage Plans. You need to keep in mind that after joining this plan, you need to go on paying the premium for the Part B coverage.


About the Medicare Supplement Plan


The Medicare Supplement plans, alternatively called the Medigap, comes from the private insurers, with these coverages likely not to cover the cost for certain health care services that are not covered in the original Medicare plan. Across the 47 states in the US, you will come across 10 standard plans, each depicted by alphabets. The plans, represented by the same alphabets will extend the same benefits. However, it is likely that different providers are charging premium for the same plan at different rates. Another point that makes a significant difference between the Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans is that the former will not cover the aspect of prescription drugs.


Once the key points of differences between these 2 schemes have been discussed, it is expected that it will turn easier for you to identify the plan that best suits to your needs. Before buying these plans, you need to consider the extent and scopes of coverage, the cost as well as fitment of the plans with your probable medical needs to find the most relevant solution to your needs.